River Aire Collection

In an ongoing effort to bring exquisite textiles to the high-end interiors market, The River Aire Collection celebrates the beauty of natural fibers with three new designs woven with linen and lamb’s wool. When combined together the resulting fabrics have a glorious hand and fabulous drape. Named for the river where the water comes from to finish these fabrics, this collection brings awareness to the art of beautifully finished fabrics. To punctuate the collection, a fourth design in the form of a luxurious texture has been added. Achieved by using a combination of unique fancy yarns, this texture works perfectly with the linen, lamb’s wool fabrics and adds a lovely softness to the collection as a whole.

Bingley by Place Textiles


Bingley is woven in a broken faille weave which provides unexpected visual texture to this smooth, versatile fabric. Fine linen yarn with slight slubbing is shot through a soft lamb’s wool warp, resulting in elegant horizontal movement. Bingley is ideal for upholstery of all types as well as drapery and wrapped wall panels.

Rigton by Place Textiles


Rigton plays with the spacing of a classic ticking stripe for a modern and updated look. Vertical lamb’s wool stripes of varying weight run up the goods while a slubby linen filling yarn adds a subtle texture to the ground. The resulting fabric is clean and crisp. The Rigton palette allows for perfect coordination with other fabrics in the River Aire Collection and is appropriate for all types of upholstery applications.

Saltaire by Place Textiles


Saltaire employs a twill weave to inform widely set lamb’s wool stripes. A tiny accent of color is stitched meticulously into the stripes, giving them further definition and surface interest. The subtle slubbiness of the linen filling yarn transforms what could be a stuffy stripe into a compelling fabric that has an elegant drape and is soft to the touch.

Wycliffe by Place Textiles


Wycliffe brings a welcome texture to the River Aire Collection and Place as a whole. Combinations of complex fancy yarns running in both the warp and filling direction create a wonderfully soft fabric that provides a beautiful nuance of color. The heavy, luxurious weight of Wycliffe makes it ideal for large-scaled pieces such as sofas and sectionals.