Sense of Place Collection

With the introduction of the first collection for Place, Sense of Place, designer Kristie Strasen launched a benchmark line that represents her personal style—modern and simple-and reflects her passion for integrated systems of color. Future collections expand on this premise and always include a selection of fabrics that exceed typical requirements for residential textiles.

Balmory by Place Textiles


Balmory is a luxurious yarn-dyed wool boucle of exceptional durability. This fabric has a natural resiliency and will conform to any contour. The fabric is perfect for modular pieces or anything requiring texture with a little stretch. Balmory does not require backing.

Berlin Tweed by Place Textiles

Berlin Tweed

This sturdy tapestry offers essence of haute couture in a nubby texture. The multicolored tweed is nuanced in texture and sophisticated. Excellent in upholstery situations where durability is a must, Berlin Tweed is a perfect choice for high-traffic areas and applications where real life meets with design.

Havana by Place Textiles


Havana is an exceptionally heavy linen that is less inclined to wrinkle due to the quality of the fiber and the weight of the yarn. This linen is ideal for any upholstery application as well as slip covers and luxurious drapery. Havana does not need to be backed.

Marmara by Place Textiles


Ideal for any situation where wear and tear are an issue, Marmara is another of the Place Durable Luxury™ fabrics. Exceptionally high abrasion results along with all the Durable Luxury™ performance characteristics make Marmara an excellent choice in both residential and hospitality applications including dining rooms, great rooms and party areas.

Meer by Place Textiles


Meer has a smooth, reflective quality that will provide a sleek appearance to any upholstered form. Created by using lustrous yarns in closely linked color relationships, Meer shimmers around curves and will add vibrancy to any interior.

Mt. Stuart by Place Textiles

Mt. Stuart

Only available in natural white, Mt. Stuart is the closest thing to a fleece that is not on the back of a sheep. Woven from a lofty boucle yarn that runs in both the warp and fill direction, Mt. Stuart is identical on both sides. Designed to be used as an upholstery fabric, Mt. Stuart also makes perfect pillows and cozy throws.

Oban by Place Textiles


Taking its inspiration from fine worsted suiting, Oban wears like iron and will tailor impeccably on any form. This highly versatile fabric can be used for upholstery, wrapped surfaces and drapery and will provide years of handsome good looks.

Ravenna by Place Textiles


Ravenna is another of the Place Durable Luxury™ fabrics and is perfectly suited for those situations where real life collides with the best design intentions. Ravenna has a subtley striated pile that provides a wonderful texture. Like all the Durable Luxury™ fabrics, Ravenna is easy to care for and maintain.

Veneto Stripe by Place Textiles

Veneto Stripe

Veneto Stripe owes its sleek and colorful complexity to carefully calibrated warps that provide perfect multicolored balance. Veneto Stripe is a true chameleon and will make friends with whatever it is used with. This highly durable fabric is not only versatile but has a timeless look that makes it a classic.

Verona by Place Textiles


This stunning cut velvet brings the luxury of Rococo to the 21st century. The pattern, while suggestive of a formal frame damask, has a certain whimsy that refuses to be stuffy. The net result is luxury that can be casual or formal.