Painted Desert Collection

The Painted Desert Collection was inspired by photographs taken by the designer’s daughter on a cross-country drive from Los Angeles to New York. Designer Kristie Strasen was captivated by the magnificent colors and textures of the American Southwest and has translated that inspiration into a group of fabrics that are at once practical and sensual.

The Painted Desert Collection further establishes Place Textiles as a source for quality fabrics appropriate for residential, hospitality and commercial applications. Produced from the highest quality fibers and utilizing the latest technology, the Painted Desert Collection reflects an unparalleled American design aesthetic and offers a new range of fabrics that are appealing and practical. The added performance of these fabrics, identified by the Durable Luxury™ designation, makes them an ideal choice for the real life situations that can be disastrous to many fabrics. Part of the growing category of Durable Luxury™ fabrics from Place, the Painted Desert Collection provides thirty four beautiful and performance-oriented options.

Hidden Canyon by Place Textiles

Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon literally mirrors the vertical striations found on the canyon walls of the desert Southwest. A slightly luminous yarn is bound into a tight weave that creates a sleek but textured surface. Available in eight subtle colors, Hidden Canyon is a Durable Luxury™ fabric and is perfect for seating applications of all types.

Mirage by Place Textiles


Another of the Place Durable Luxury™ fabrics, Mirage provides a bit of unexpected drama with an over-scaled frame damask motif that shimmers with a soft patina. The eight sophisticated colors of Mirage integrate perfectly with the other patterns in the Place collection and present a myriad of possibilities for creating harmonized schemes. Mirage is soft and strong and will hold up to a lot of abuse.

Oasis by Place Textiles


Oasis is an inviting texture woven on striaed warps which lend a subtle depth to the overall palette. The resulting nine shades perfectly reflect the desert landscape and provide appealing colors to be used in virtually any interior where the Durable Luxury™ attributes are important.

Seven Springs by Place Textiles

Seven Springs

Seven Springs, a member of the Durable Luxury™ family, uses the same striaed warps as Oasis and introduces a multi-colored stripe into the collection. Matte yarns in closely related colors alternate across the surface of this lush texture and are held in place by a tightly spun yarn with soft luster. The result is a handsome stripe in the striking hues of the desert.