Described as “Craftsman Modern,” BassamFellows is a design company dedicated to returning true craftsmanship and beauty to contemporary living. Furniture designs by BassamFellows can be found at Geiger, Design Within Reach and BassamFellows.

The following Place Textiles have been selected by BassamFellows as standards on their upholstered pieces.

Arranmore by Place Textiles


Arranmore is an extraordinarily heavy linen with a beautiful natural luster. It is perfect for all types of upholstery applications as well as for drapery or wrapping walls and headboards.

Clare by Place Textiles


This ultra soft wool flannel employs centuries-old finishing techniques that contribute to its exceptional stability and superior hand. Clare will upholster beautifully on furniture or any surface, including headboards and walls. Clare also makes fabulous drapery.

Havana by Place Textiles


Havana is an exceptionally heavy linen that is less inclined to wrinkle due to the quality of the fiber and the weight of the yarn. This linen is ideal for any upholstery application as well as slip covers and luxurious drapery. Havana does not need to be backed.

Santiago by Place Textiles


This 100% cotton is heavy and supple. Ideal anywhere that the cool comfort of cotton is desired, Santiago is perfect for slip covers, general upholstery, casual drapery and shades.