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At Place the seasonal shift reminds us of our mission to create beautiful wools, cozy velvets, sleek linens and soft textures in all the colors of the seasons. As always, the story Place tells is about enduring fabrics produced with care from the best possible fibers and yarns: no topical finishes – no backings – just quality – pure and simple. Like the stunning hills in the photo above, our look can change as the seasons shift, but our fabrics remain timeless. Visit the “Inspiration Gallery” on our website to see more examples of Place through the seasons.


Photo: The Palouse near Walla Walla © Chuck Pennington

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Place Embraces The Seasons!

Place Textiles Gold Corduroy Upholstery Fabric

Classic Autumn

The classic colors of autumn come marching in as summer fades away. Flowers change from roses to chrysanthemums and apples take over for peaches. Corsini Brocade|Valencia captures the first colors of autumn perfectly with saturated hues of rusty orange and gold. The Place palette includes a beautiful range of patterns in the rich colors of autumn. Check out the Place “Color Palette” to see more glorious fall colors in the full range of fibers and luxurious textures Place is known for.

Black and White Upholstery Fabric Wool

Black + White

The combination of Black + White is one that maintains its appeal no matter what the season. In the Place interpretation of this timeless pairing, the coziest wools with the most opulent textures are combined to create a feeling of sophisticated comfort. Visit our “By Pattern” pages to see the beautiful colors of Balmory and Killarney. Bantry Check adds a classic hounds tooth to the mix and Veracruz provides the possibility of a wool / linen double cloth perfect for comfy beds, pillows and all manner of drapery.

Gold Upholstery Fabrics _ Place Textiles

Winter Whites

The very character of white changes as we move from summer into the cooler months. In summer white is cool, crisp and bright. As the weather cools down, white warms up – it gets creamy and warm with hints of vanilla and smoke. Explore the whites from Place – Verona|Dover – a stunning cut velvet whose pattern is expressed by the juxtaposition of luster and matte or Future Fortune – a tiny checkerboard in a shimmery, silvery metallic. La Scala – a yummy alpaca velvet is delectable in Oyster – a hue that embodies the beauty of winter whites.

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A Word About Color

Color is an ethereal concept that is not so easy to define. (Imagine trying to describe color to someone without sight!) Color preferences are personal as well as regional and cultural. In fashion, what is popular one year is often out the next. A color that is revered in one culture is reviled in another. Favorite colors are different in Australia than they are in Minneapolis. Colors in interiors come and go – like fashion but not as quickly. When I was growing up, my parents had friends whose bathroom was tiled with pink ceramic tiles with black trim – a definite moment in color time! Color – can influence our moods, making us feel happy or sad – oppressed or euphoric. Color can also trigger memories of times and places, bringing back long forgotten memories. Color is magical and ephemeral and informs our lives in more ways than we can count. I love reading about the history and influence of color and experimenting with all the different ways that color can be communicated.


Explore the light, fresh colors in every Place pattern. Explore the textures. Explore the quality. Just explore.

-Kristie Strasen