Step into the calm of the new Capistrano Collection and luxuriate in the latest colors and textures from Place Textiles. Inspired by the historic missions that dot the Southern Californian coast, these three new patterns in a total of 20 colors embody the Place reputation for beautiful yarns and compelling color stories. Ranging from pure white to lustrous black, with violets and pale pinks in between, these very special new fabrics will enhance the ambiance of any room where comfort and design are equally important.

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Mission Cloth

Although Mission Cloth is produced with the simplest of all weaves, the yarn in both directions is an intimate blend of cotton and viscose, providing a very subtle texture and beautiful modulation of color. In every case, two colors are combined, making the fabric more complex and interesting.


Capistrano is a richly textured fabric that takes is inspiration from the thick adobe walls of the ancient Spanish missions and is produced by twisting together an unusual selection of fancy yarns and creating a beautiful surface that is soft to the touch.

Dana Point

Named for a gorgeous spot on the southern California coast, Dana Point has just a hint of luster – providing a subtle shimmer to a classic chevron pattern. The color palette is as soft as the fabric itself with color names like Rain, Petal and Husk. However – color Lava, in the lustrous black of a live lava flow, was included to add a touch of drama.

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A Word About Color

Color is an ethereal concept that is not so easy to define. (Imagine trying to describe color to someone without sight!) Color preferences are personal as well as regional and cultural. In fashion, what is popular one year is often out the next. A color that is revered in one culture is reviled in another. Favorite colors are different in Australia than they are in Chicago. Colors in interiors come and go – like fashion but not as quickly. When I was growing up, my parents had friends whose bathroom was tiled with pink ceramic tiles with black trim – a definite moment in color time! Color – can influence our moods, making us feel happy or sad – oppressed or euphoric. Color can also trigger memories of times and places, bringing back long forgotten memories. Color is magical and ephemeral and informs our lives in more ways than we can count. I love reading about the history and influence of color and experimenting with all the different ways that color can be communicated.


Explore the light, fresh colors in every Place pattern. Explore the textures. Explore the quality. Just explore.

-Kristie Strasen