Summer Sizzle

Just in time to catch the first wave of summer, Place introduces Theo, a heavenly cotton corduroy available in 24 delicious colors. Soft and pliable are the key words to describe this upholstery weight corduroy that will be at home in any room in the house…or cottage…or cabin. Whether recovering a favorite chair or making perfectly tailored slipcovers and pillows, Theo will perform. He is also ideal for top-of-the- bed and headboards and can be used for elegantly casual drapery. For environments where comfort is the first priority, Theo is the perfect choice!

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Place Embraces Summer!

Silver Upholstery Textiles


In the heat of summer, a blast of frost is a welcome relief! The lustrous round yarn in Sky Lantern creates a bold texture with a sleek hand. Shown in Silver and Pearl, the effect is dazzling. Add in Petaluma, a whimsical floral with a motif that appears to be hand-stitched onto the surface of the finely woven ground and you have a stunning combination that keeps that cool feeling – even in summer!



Nothing feels more like a ray of sunshine than the Nectar color family from Place. That warm orange infused with a hint of peach is a refreshing hue that can work wonders in any interior in need of brightening up. Paired up with yellow or grey or taupe, or even chocolate brown, these nectar colors will provide a ray of warm sunshine in any room.



Sometimes you just want to be comfy and not worry about it! Theo, the new cotton corduroy from Place offers just that opportunity. As soft as it gets, Theo is the kind of fabric you want to touch. Paired here with Berlin Tweed, a rugged tweed, you have the best of both worlds: soft and comfy that can take a beating!

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A Word About Color

One of the best things about the shifting seasons is the effect those changes have on our color psyche. When I was young I had a friend whose mother went crazy every spring, rolling up the Persian carpets and storing them in the attic. Out came the sisal mats in their place. All the upholstery got covered up by creamy linen slipcovers. She even had summer pillows that she brought out! In the course of a long day she transformed her living room from cozy winter to breezy summer. To add to the tradition, there was always a party – with minty cocktails – to celebrate the change! (The kids got 7-Up with sprigs of mint!) Completely changing out a room seasonally is not so widely practiced as it once was. However, it is still possible to transform the feeling of a space with a few strategically placed slip covers and some summery pillows.

Explore the light, fresh colors in every Place pattern. Explore the textures. Explore the quality. Just explore.

-Kristie Strasen