California Collection

The California Collection is inspired by the colors and textures of the Pacific Coast. The collection draws on the natural beauty of favorite places in California and translates them into a group of five new textures and 55 new colors, expanding the Place premise of woven textures in carefully calibrated systems of color. Designed by Kristie Strasen, the founder of the company, this new collection firmly establishes Place as an excellent resource for color and texture in quality fabrics.

Catalina by Place Textiles


Catalina is a heavy and opulent linen-viscose blend that has the look and luster of raw silk. This fabric is perfect for upholstery, drapery and wrapped surfaces, including headboards and walls. This fabric may perform better on large upholstered pieces with a light backing.

Laguna by Place Textiles


One of the Place Durable Luxury™ fabrics, Laguna is soft to the touch and will provide a subtle texture to any interior. Ideal for those real life circumstances where food, children and pets are a daily factor, Laguna will provide both sophistication and service everywhere from children’s rooms to family rooms to breakfast nooks to the living room sofa.

Petaluma by Place Textiles


Petaluma is a flowing large-scale pattern that appears to be embroidered on the surface of a finely woven ground. Available in a palette ranging from elegant to whimsical, Petaluma is perfect for adding a bit of drama to any interior.

 by Place Textiles