Moon Festival Collection

Place Textiles is pleased to announce the introduction of Moon Festival – a new collection taking its inspiration from an ancient Chinese tradition that found its way to Thailand over 3000 years ago. The Moon Festival as celebrated in Thailand honors the summer harvest and pays homage to the moon. Lanterns are set afloat in the sea and launched into the sky. People celebrate their good fortune and let go of negative thoughts. Dragons dance and lanterns flicker and those celebrating look forward to their future fortune.

Like the Moon Festival itself, this collection celebrates the luminous colors of the moon in a glowing palette of silver and gold hues. Beautiful, lustrous yarns catch and reflect light in a way that brings these shimmering fabrics to life. The natural luster of Moon Festival will combine beautifully with more matte materials and provide a soft, sophisticated range of colors and textures suitable for residential and commercial applications.

As with all Place introductions, the Moon Festival fabrics provide excellent performance – meeting and exceeding typical performance codes for commercial fabrics. This durability factor, combined with a soft hand and an elegant aesthetic – makes the Moon Festival fabrics highly appealing in a residential setting as well.

Dragon Dance by Place Textiles

Dragon Dance

This pattern takes its inspiration from the rickrack profile of a dragon’s tail. Lustrous yarns are employed to give a polished sheen to this rhythmic vertical stripe. Perfect for upholstery of all types including drapery and wall applications, Dragon Dance will add a hint of drama to any interior.

Future Fortune by Place Textiles

Future Fortune

The shimmering surface of this fabric is achieved by using extremely fine yarns of exceptional luster and playing them off one another in a tiny check. Named for the festival that encourages the casting away of negative thoughts, Future Fortune is imbued with a sense of good fortune and happy destiny.

Sky Lantern by Place Textiles

Sky Lantern

The marvelous texture of Sky Lantern is made possible by a wonderfully chubby yarn that is bound into place with a very fine warp. The result is a fabric that has the cloud-like appeal of a mackerel sky with a sophisticated glow cast over the surface. Sky Lantern will be beautiful on lounge pieces or any application where distinctive texture is a requirement.