Bella Rosa Collection

Bella Rosa is an exceptionally colorful collection that includes a chic linen velvet, a luxurious alpaca velvet and a larger-than-life stylized floral inspired from Indian Kantha quilts which are fashioned from re-purposed saris. The collection consists of three patterns and twenty nine colors.
La Scala by Place Textiles

La Scala

La Scala is an elegant alpaca velvet that is amazingly dense and soft to the touch. The natural luster that is unique to alpaca fiber gives this durable velvet a subtle glow. Alpaca is known for its exceptional comfort and is especially suitable for people who have fiber sensitivity.

Rosa by Place Textiles


Rosa is a larger-than-life floral jacquard that is embellished with rows of tiny running stitches reminiscent of Indian kantha quilts. This beautiful stylized pattern is both referential of ancient traditions and modern in its brilliant color palette. Rosa is perfectly suited for upholstery applications of all kinds as well as drapery, head boards, bed coverings and stylish pillows.

Torino by Place Textiles


Torino is a chic linen velvet whose cool hand and special finish give it the patina of a vintage velvet and the sense that it has been lived-in and adored for many years. Linen velvet, by virtue of the natural flax fiber, will age gracefully, getting softer and more beautiful with use.