Cleaning Instructions: Wool and Wool Blends

The following Place Textiles are Wool or Wool Blends:

Fabrics produced primarily from wool should always be cleaned with water-based shampoos.

In the case of all the fabrics listed above, water-based steam cleaning is recommended.

Balmory, Killarney, Mt. Stuart and Veracruz can be gently hand-washed if suitable for the application.  Use a mild soap such as Ivory Flakes or Dawn in tepid water.  Do not agitate these fabrics when washing.  Roll in a towel to soak up excess water and allow to air dry – basically treating these fabrics the way you would a quality sweater.

Spots should be treated separately before overall cleaning takes place.

Warm soap and water and a clean sponge can be successful in cleaning many spots.

When cleaning a spot, do not overly abrade the fabric.  Use a firm up and down blotting action – NOT a scrubbing motion.

If soap and water does not remove the spot, conventional spot remover can be used.  Always test the spot remover on a concealed area before working in the middle of a cushion.

Make sure to rinse out any cleaning compound or soap by sponging area with clean water.

Best results will come from cleaning an entire area to avoid rings.

If the fabric has relaxed on the upholstered piece, this shampoo steam cleaning will restore the fabric to its original tautness.

Regular cleaning will keep all of these fabrics looking their best for years.

Dry cleaning can be used but dry cleaning chemicals will eventually build up in the fabric and cause it to become brittle.

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