Cleaning Instructions: Linen

The following Place Textiles are Linen:

Havana and Arranmore are both hardy, high quality linens that will clean beautifully and last for years. As a natural fiber, linen responds best to “natural” cleaning methods.

General Cleaning

Because of the weight of these two fabrics, professional steam cleaning is recommended with a water-based shampoo. Linen can take very high heat so a professional steam cleaning with hot steam forced into the fabric and sucked out will leave it looking like new.

Warm soap and water and a clean sponge can be used successfully on many spots. More difficult spots can be treated in advance with appropriate spot cleaners.

When treating a spot, do not overly abrade the fabric. Use firm blotting action.

Always test a spot cleaner on a concealed area before using in the middle of a cushion.

Do not subject fabric to bleach or diluted bleach solutions.

Make sure to rinse any cleaning compound out of the fabric by sponging with clean water.

Best results will come from cleaning an entire area to avoid rings.

If the fabric has relaxed on upholstered pieces, this shampoo process will restore the fabric to its original tautness.

Dry cleaning can be used but dry cleaning chemicals will eventually build up in the fabric and cause it to become brittle.

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