Cleaning Instructions: Linen with Metallic Foil

The following Place Textiles are 100% Linen with Metallic Foil:

Retablo is produced from high quality linen yarns that are spun to maintain a natural slub. The fabric is then woven and piece dyed. After dyeing the linen is printed with acrylic inks that are infused with metallic pigments. These pigments are fused into the fabric at a high temperature that bonds them to the linen fibers. This metallic finish will not oxidize thanks to the acrylic base.

Hand Washing or Gentle Machine Washing

For small items such as pillow or cushion covers, Retablo can be gently washed in sudsy water with mild soap such as Ivory Flakes® or Dawn®. Water temperature should not exceed 86°. Hotter water will cause shrinkage. The fabric can be air dried or dried in the dryer on the “air” setting. Dry until slightly damp.

If an item is too large to be machine washed (drapes – bed-covers, etc), commercial laundering is acceptable as long as the washing action remains gentle and the water temperature does not exceed 86°. Hotter water will cause shrinkage.

For upholstered items whose covers cannot be removed, gentle hand sponging or professional steam cleaning is recommended. Never use a scrubbing action of the face of the fabric. Always use direct pressure in an up and down blotting action to remove small spots.


Retablo can be ironed ON THE WRONG SIDE, at a medium-high setting with a steam iron. It is advised to iron the fabric while still damp and use steam. DO NOT IRON THE METALLIC FACE OF RETABLO.

When machine washing and drying Retablo, take care not to “crowd” the fabric in the machine as this will contribute to wrinkling. Drying to bone dry will create wrinkles that are difficult to remove. Remove from dryer while still damp.

Do not use conventional dry-cleaning methods on Retablo. The dry-cleaning chemicals and solvents will destroy the metallic pigments and ruin the fabric.

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