Cleaning Instructions: Durable Luxury™ Fabrics

The following Place Textiles are Durable Luxury™ Fabrics:

Look for this marker on all the Durable Luxury™ fabrics from Place


The Place Durable Luxury™ fabrics are in a special category engineered to maintain their appearance and provide years of service in those situations where real life happens. These fabrics have a high resistance to fading and are inherently stain repellent. They are also washable. The added attraction of the Durable Luxury™ fabrics is that they feel like fabric. They have a soft pliable hand and are very comfortable to the touch. As with all fabrics, regular maintenance is the key to keeping the Durable Luxury™ products looking their best. The Durable Luxury™ fabrics can be easily identified by the big green circle on the tag.

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly at the lowest setting with the furniture nozzle of the vacuum to keep fabric clean and breathing. Never use the beater bar of the vacuum on furniture as the action of the beater could break fibers and cause degradation of the fabric over time.

General Soiling

When general soiling occurs, removable covers can be washed in the washing machine in warm water (no more than 100°) on the gentle cycle. Use a soap-based detergent. Do not overcrowd the washing machine as this can cause wrinkling. Covers can be dried in the dryer on the “air” setting or left to dry in the open air. NOTE: Make sure that the seams of the removable cushion covers have been properly finished to avoid raveling in the washing process.

If cushion covers are not removable, upholstered seats can be shampooed with a soap-based detergent. A gentle action should be used; DO NOT “scrub” the fabric as this can damage the pile. Care should be taken to rinse out any soap residue. If a professional service is used, make sure that water temperature is kept at the recommended 100 degrees. General soiling will be removed by using the methods mentioned above. This shampoo process will also remove oil and protein-based stains such as chocolate, ketchup, milk, red wine and fruit juice.

Severe Soiling

Should more severe soiling occur, the following procedure can be used. Solvent-based stains such as lipstick, nail polish and felt-tip pen can be removed with pure acetone. Once stain is removed, entire area needs to be rinsed thoroughly with clean water. Discoloration and rub-off caused by jeans and other clothing dyes is particularly difficult to remove. If the above shampooing with detergent does not work, a mild bleach solution (1:8) can be used to remove the discoloration from clothing dye rub-off.


In all cases, it is very important to rinse thoroughly with clear water after any cleaning treatment. Residues left from detergent and / or solvents and bleach will have a negative effect on the fibers over time. Special care should be taken to rinse thoroughly after cleaning of any sort.

Do not expose the Durable Luxury fabrics™ to extreme heat or steam as this could have an adverse effect on the fibers. All cleaning processes should remain at or below 100°

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