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Honoring An Ancient Tradition: Torino – A New Linen Velvet from Place

February 19, 2014

  As fabrics go, velvet is in a class by itself. Velvet has been considered a luxury fabric almost since the beginning of time and linen velvet (made from flax) dates all the way back to 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. Household inventories from 809 AD list bolts of velvet as assets in documenting wealth! […]

Belle Magazine Floral Fabric

Rosa Featured in Floral Fabric Editorial for Belle Magazine

February 12, 2014

Check out this AMAZING editorial in the Australian Belle Magazine! Our very own Rosa | Azalea is featured in the photograph as an elegant gown thanks to the efforts of our new Australian showroom, Studio LW. In the spread, stylist David Novak-Piper, dresses and surrounds models in the most colorful floral fabrics creating a luxurious […]

Torino Captures the Beauty of Natural Linen Velvet

September 5, 2013

Linen fabric produced from flax is considered to be the oldest textile fiber in the world and records of linen production date back to Egypt 4000 years ago. Perfectly intact linen fabrics were discovered in the ancient tombs of the Pharaoh Ramses who died in 1213 BC and Tutankhamen. Velvet weaving with flax dates back […]

Indian Kantha Cloth Inspires Rosa

August 14, 2013

Indian Kantha cloth, also known as kantha quilts or “nakshi kantha” in Bangladesh, is a popular folk tradition for creating light bed quilts out of used and worn saris. In its most traditional form, usable parts of old saris are cut into big pieces and laid out flat to form a large square. Patterns and […]

La Scala – Alpaca Velvet Story

Alpaca fleece is an exceptionally soft and durable fiber harvest from the beautiful coats of Alpaca. The luxurious fiber was known as “the fiber of the gods” to the Incas and is celebrated for its incredibly versatile nature.   Why use Alpaca? In addition to the amazing shine of Alpaca fiber, it is used for […]

A Word About Color: The Bella Rosa Collection

July 20, 2013

A Word About Color The Bella Rosa Palette embraces color, adding new hues to the Place Textiles system of calibrated color families. A saturated and moody turquoise called Deep Water and a marvelous violet-blue called Periwinkle are two of the most irresistible new colors to join the palette. Timeless and versatile neutrals such as Dover […]