A Word About Color: Spring Decorating!

May 5th, 2014 by Place Textiles

A Word About Color

One of the best things about the shifting seasons is the effect those changes have on our color psyche. When I was young I had a friend whose mother went crazy every spring, rolling up the Persian carpets and storing them in the attic. Out came the sisal mats in their place. All the upholstery got covered up by creamy linen slipcovers. She even had summer pillows that she brought out! In the course of a long day she transformed her living room from cozy winter to breezy summer.


To add to the tradition, there was always a party – with minty cocktails – to celebrate the change! (The kids got 7-Up with sprigs of mint!) Completely changing out a room seasonally is not so widely practiced as it once was. However, it is still possible to transform the feeling of a space with a few strategically placed slip covers and some summery pillows.

Explore the light, fresh colors in every Place pattern. Explore the textures. Explore the quality. Just explore.

-Kristie Strasen