Torino Captures the Beauty of Natural Linen Velvet

September 5th, 2013 by Place Textiles

Linen fabric produced from flax is considered to be the oldest textile fiber in the world and records of linen production date back to Egypt 4000 years ago. Perfectly intact linen fabrics were discovered in the ancient tombs of the Pharaoh Ramses who died in 1213 BC and Tutankhamen. Velvet weaving with flax dates back to Egypt in 2000BC.


Flax, when woven into linen, has a cool, dry hand and is extremely comfortable to sit on. The subtle luster of the fiber will be a direct result of where the linen grew and natural conditions such as climate and soil.

Torino is a velvet construction with 100% linen pile. The woven fabric has been finished to give it a vintage quality and the feeling that it has been lived-in and adored for years. Linen velvet, by virtue of the natural flax fiber, will age gracefully, getting softer and more beautiful with use. Slight irregularities are a natural aspect of linen velvet and should be embraced as part of its appeal.

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